A stay interview is a type of meeting between an employer and employee in order to discuss ways to improve job satisfaction and keep the employee from leaving their current position. During these interviews, employers can learn more about why their employees enjoy working for them, as well as any areas that may need improvement or changes.  

Why Stay Interviews Matter  

Stay interviews are important because they allow employers to gain valuable insights into what their employees are thinking, and this information can be used to make changes that will help reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction. This can lead to higher levels of productivity and morale among employees. Additionally, it’s a great way to show your employees that you care about their professional development and growth.  However, this should not be just a one off interview, these discussions should naturally be occurring in the workplace as monthly 1-2-1s. 

What Happens During a Stay Interview?  

During a stay interview, the employer should take time to ask the employee questions about their job satisfaction, such as what they like most about working for the company and what could be improved. The employer should also find out what kind of support the employee needs in order to continue feeling satisfied with their work environment. Finally, it’s important for employers to ask for feedback on how they can better motivate their team members or make other improvements.  The discussion is a two way process and should be conducted with empathy and understanding.  Equally that the environment is a safe one to share thoughts openly without repercussion. 

The Benefits of Stay Interviews  

Stay interviews offer multiple benefits for both employers and employees alike. For employers, they provide valuable insight into how satisfied employees are with their jobs, which in turn allows them to take actionable steps towards increasing job satisfaction levels among all staff members. Additionally, staying in touch with your team through regular stay interviews can help build trust between you and your employees—creating a more positive work environment overall! For employees, stay interviews offer an opportunity for open communication with senior leaders about their job satisfaction levels—and provides them with an avenue for voicing any concerns or suggestions they might have. All in all, these conversations foster stronger relationships between employers and employees—which is beneficial for everyone involved!   

To conclude… 

Stay interviews enable employers to learn more about what makes their staff happy at work while providing an opportunity for open dialogue between employer-employee relations. They offer invaluable insights into job satisfaction levels among staff members while providing an avenue through which employers can make meaningful changes that will benefit all parties involved. Ultimately, investing time in conducting stay interviews will go a long way towards creating a positive work environment where both staff members feel supported and appreciated—so don’t wait any longer; start scheduling your first stay interview today! 

If you are unsure how to conduct such a discussion, get in touch with us here at Bower HR and we can support you in having good, but at times difficult conversations. 

Serena Bower (MCIPD) 

Director, Bower HR Limited 

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