Employee Value Proposition

How Engaging Employees Becomes Your Winning Edge

How Engaging Employees Becomes Your Winning Edge

Employee engagement influences business success. Fact.

In fact, 21% of businesses enjoy increased profitability when employee engagement is strong.

A motivated, loyal workforce reduces operational costs and increases profitability. How? By providing the living link between your company values, your employees’ satisfaction and ultimately your customers’ experience.

Every CEO and business owner should aim to link people and profits… to drive business success via employee wellbeing, engagement and trust. After all, your employees are your company’s secret weapon. They are your competitive edge, helping your business to stand out from the crowd and makes customers choose you.

It’s true – a motivated, engaged and loyal workforce is more profitable (Gallop) and believed to be crucial to business success (Harvard Business Review).

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the blend of reasons why your employees work for you. It’s a truly holistic approach to generating trust, loyalty… and, ultimately, profitability.

How to achieve your Employee Value Proposition

Bower HR has developed a programme specifically to engage and optimise the living element of your company… your workforce. It’s structured enough to delve into the six key facets of EVP whilst being flexible enough to offer a tailored approach to your company. These six facets work together holistically:

  1. Pay

  2. Benefits

  3. Wellbeing

  4. Work Environment & Content

  5. Career Development

  6. Culture & Belonging

They combine to create trust, motivation and performance.

We delve into each of these elements, linking them to business strategy, company value proposition and values. The programme is implemented using a range of different tools. We typically involve a blend of workshops, discussions and coaching that best suits your team and your goals.

Best of all, guidance and support are available from the friendly experts at Bower HR to help with implementation and review. The key to success is knowing the EVP principles are brought to life within your company. You need to know they are achieving positive change via reduced HR costs and increased productivity.

Would you like increased productivity with reduced HR costs?

Contact us for an initial discussion without obligation. We love to talk about HR issues and are especially excited about the potential of EVP. Let’s talk!

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