Additional Services

As well as being HR experts, here at Bower HR Consultancy we provide a range of additional services through our range of value-adding partners.

Health and Safety partnership 

Through our partnership, we can provide a full health and safety and security service.  From a full gap analysis of your health and safety through to advice and guidance for well-being of your staff and compliance with legal obligations – we offer a fully comprehensive service.  We can ensure strategies are in place.  We cover:

  • Health and safety audit and inspection
  • Ongoing COVID-19 safety and protection
  • Consultancy and guidance
  • Ongoing support and training
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HR and Business Administration partnership 

Bower HR provides a service both on site or virtual to support you in your HR and business administration.

We provide flexible, efficient, and cost-effective office and HR support without the overheads of employing staff or hiring temporary staff.

By working flexibly to meet the needs of your company, you receive assistance as and when you need it – whether it be for ad hoc projects or more regularly.

We can ease your workload

  • Enable you to focus on your core business activities
  • Offer extra support without the overheads of employing an individual
  • Provide access to professional services
  • Offer honest, accurate and reliable services.
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Streamline your payroll processes with our comprehensive payroll service offered by Bower HR. From calculating wages and deductions to managing tax filings and direct deposits, our efficient payroll solution ensures accuracy and compliance,. With customizable features tailored to your unique needs, our service guarantees timely payments and alleviates the burden of payroll administration. 

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We provide a personalised approach to sourcing talent tailored to your company’s specific needs. From crafting compelling job descriptions to conducting thorough candidate screenings, we streamline the hiring process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team. 

We deliver efficient and cost-effective recruitment solutions that drive your business forward.  Allow us to attract, engage, and onboard the best candidates so that you achieve good retained talent in your business.

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Our Philosophy


Everything we do centres on providing HR services of the highest quality. We ensure that you have full clarity on your HR issues, giving you the tools to tackle the problem.


We pride ourselves on our efficient procedures and solutions, but we continually strive for improvement in order to deliver results more effectively.


Satisfying customers is our top priority. That’s why we believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges.